Service Domain

Our Service Domain includes capabilities in Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Mobile Mapping, Remote Sensing & GIS.

PERSISTENT service delivery team offers its capabilities in 3-D stereo compilation with capacity for very large & complex projects, with best-in-class softwares and techniques. Our capabilities includes:-


AT (Aerial Triangulation)
We handle all form of Aerial Imagery and Satellite Imageries to perform Digital Aerial Triangulation with or without Ground Control Points.

We hold expertise in performing Automatic and Manual AT.

3D Vector Mapping / Stereo Compilation / Planimetric Mapping
We expertise in handling all photo scale from 1:200 with 0.25” contours to 1:20000 with 50” contours and perform the following task to provide the output data as per client / project specific requirement:-

  • • Change detection

  • • Map Updation

  • • 2-D / 3-D feature extraction

    • o Roads, buildings, water bodies and all other visual features

    • o Infrastructure mapping

    • o 2-D or 3-D vectors

    • o Feature coding

DEM / DTM / DSM / Contours Generation
All of our clients relay on our expertise to produce DEM & DTM (representing the bare earth) with high accuracy level of contours for their different projects. We produce manual contours also at client’s specific contour intervals for topographic mapping applications. The terrain data is presented in standard TIN, GRID, Vector and Raster formats.

Digital Ortho-rectification / True Orthophoto
Our team holds very strong experience of performing Orthorectification for 100,000+ production man hours for 3-Band & 4-Band Imagery.

The camera used for data acquisition, never becomes a challenge for us. As we have handled imagery from all sort of cameras such as DMC, ADS 40, UltraCam, ADS 80 etc...

PERSISTENT has got the capabilities to generate “True Orthophoto” as well.