Consultancy Services

PERSISTENT is proud to mention that unlike our counterparts, we do help our customer throughout the entire life cycle of the projects from Conceptualization, Reference writing, Procurements, Data acquisition, Data processing, Project Objective delivery.

We have whole group of Subject Matter Experts on board along with Industry Experts from across the globe with the experience of 25–35 years each in their respective area of specialization. Our expert consultants have got vast industry experience and hold a long instinct of association with the biggest names of the industry. Our consultants on panel have been associated with multiple international projects and have been successfully implementing the projects year on year. Here are some of the areas (but not limited to), we expertise resolving the challenges in:-

  • • Agricultural Monitoring

  • • Flood Mapping

  • • Capacity Building

  • • Environmental Studies

  • • Sustainable Development

  • • Water Resources Mapping

  • • Livelihood Development & Monitoring

  • • Land Administration / Management System

  • • Natural Resource Management - Mining & Mineral Exploration

  • • Telecommunication Sector

  • • Power Sector

Our consultancy support takes care of all the aspects of a project life cycle such as:-

  • • Conceptualization

  • • Liaisoning

  • • Terms of References

  • • Project Management

  • • Project Execution

  • • Data acquisition

  • • Data processing

  • • Project Object Delivery

  • • Preliminary Project Report writing

  • • Final Report writing

The objective behind providing Consultancy Services:-
We strongly feel responsible towards the community and over all humanity, we are part of. We believe any development with positive results implemented in any developed part of the world, should be shared with developing countries (African countries as) well, so their community can also grow at much better pace and benefit from the advancement. However, still till now technological advancement of western world still remains inaccessible to African countries.

We, PERSISTENT, are trying to bridge this gap, using our expertise, experience and international partnerships, by bringing in Best of the North American & European Companies along with their resources on ground, to fulfill the objective.

What all we do during the course of Consulting:-
Carry out studies and research in the field of Geoinformatics , Provide advisory and consultancy services to member states of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and other country specific institutions concerned with geoinformation.

We Conduct seminars and courses with a view of providing an opportunity to government officials and other stake holders in the region to exchange information and experiences in the field of Geoinformatics.

Building skills and training local resources is an integral part to our Project execution plan. We believe in sharing, working and localize the project, to bring the local country resources together and reaching the level of efficiency during the course of the project.
Basis the need of the project and willingness to learn of stakeholder, we even go miles ahead and do bring in the International Consultants to the project country. This just doesn’t help the local team to learn the process but to interact with the global experts on the live project and get an opportunity to view the challenges & solutions from their perspective.