About Us

“Persistent Technologies & Consulting Services” is leading Indian Consulting Group. We serve the clients around the globe including Fortune 500 companies. We are proud to mention that till date we have consistent track record of not losing even a single client since our inception and more than 80% of our clients have been acquired through references.

With respect to our operations, we provide state-of-the-art services within the fields of PG, LiDAR, Mobile Mapping and Consulting Services (African Region) in different areas such as Sustainable Development, Capacity Building, Agricultural Monitoring, Land information systems, Mining & Mineral Exploration etc. Our expertise in the arena of Consultancy and unique Project Management System allows us to set up special project-environments exactly adapted to the needs of the client and develop the project-team in the shortest possible time to the highest quality-standards. We are best known to bring in the right team together every time, with the consideration of project specific needs.

We have also been supporting clients across the world through our mapping related services which may be 2Dimensional or 3Dimensional with height information mapping based on Satellite images, Aerial photography or Point cloud data from any sensor or aerial camera. PERSISTENT adheres to the principles of "Quality, Transparency and Business Integrity" at all time. We have a consistent and long track record in the execution of photogrammetric mapping, GIS & LiDAR projects with our existing client base.